Randel Everett elected


The BGCT Executive Board elected Randel Everett executive director this morning. The vote was 78-6 — 92 percent in favor.

5 Responses to “Randel Everett elected”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    A deep word of thanks to those 6 who must have felt so alone. Don’t worry, your vote was not wasted. The fact that it the powers could not make it a unamimous vote was a great victory. Remember, we will be coming to Ft. Worth to vote for David Lowrie and then we can begin to get a board that is not Currie controlled.

  2. Terry Says:

    I wish that we could hear the reasoning behind the six that voted no. I’m still cautiously optimistic about the future of the BGCT. Let’s just remember to pray for God’s Will and keep a watchful eye.

  3. Board Member Says:

    I was one of the six. Cannot speak for others but my “No” vote came after much prayer seeking the Lord’s confirmation one way or the other. I like Dr. Everett. I enjoyed listening to him. I will strive to be supportive of his leadership. I just did not feel like I could in good conscience vote “Yes”. I would have been much more ready to do that if we had been given a longer interim time to get things sorted out…

  4. Terry Says:

    I appreciate your words. I would have to agree with the statement of needing a longer interim time.

  5. rand Says:

    I’m not going to answer for those six no votes. I do think that 100% approval is next to impossible. Churches I’ve been a part of have not had 100% approval for incoming pastors, budget planning or personnel decisions. Some of the best pastors I’ve had in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia were not voted in at 100%. Some of those names are Dr. Franklin Paschal, Dr. Charles Page, Dr. John Claypool…) It is Baptist to have some people disagree. It’s healthy.

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