Greetings from Randel Everett


7 Responses to “Greetings from Randel Everett”

  1. David Lowrie Says:

    Dr. Everett,

    Welcome back home! We are excited to see what God is going to do in the days to come. As you know the challenges we face are great, but not nearly as great as our opportunities. Don’t be afraid to challenge us and to lead us to be all God wants for us to be together.

    David Lowrie

  2. doug evans Says:

    Dr. Everett,

    I look forward to meeting you and being challenged by your leadership. Our state has great potential and I know God has given you a vision for our future.

    doug evans

  3. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Nice speech. Did not here much about rebuilding trust and restoring integrity to the BGCT. Are these issues not important to you?

    What will you do about ValleyGate? Why has the investigation bogged down? Will you give answers or just create more questions.

    Will you file charges against Jon Becker for the fraud he committed?

  4. wackypreacher Says:

    Dr. Everett, Welcome to the BGCT. Know that I will be praying for you as you take on this important task. Yours is not an easy job and will come with much criticism from some corners. I look forward to standing around the campfire with you and hearing of your mighty vision for our great convention. May His Kingdom increase.
    Bob Cheatheam

  5. James R. Fuller Says:

    Calder Baptist Church in Beaumont joins thousands of other Great Commission congregations in praying for your leadership in and through the Baptist General Convention of Texas. May our Sovereign Lord guide and direct you in the coming years as together we share the Good News of Jesus Christ with a world in need. Kindest regards, Jim Fuller, Senior Pastor

  6. Alan Wilson Says:

    Dr. Everett, Welcome! I look forward to together continuing to reach our state for the Savior through new and exciting venue’s so that we can honor Christ in all that we do. I look forward to all that Christ has in store for the future of the BGCT. Alan Wilson, FBC White Deer

  7. Rhonda Laufer Says:

    Dr. Everett a humbled and hopeful servant will leave Texas Baptists stronger and ever focused on Jesus Christ’s simple message of love and inclusion into His kingdom. Dr. Everett asks nothing of others that he would not do himself. Texas Baptists will soon see a brilliant student of the Master who is comfortable sitting on the floor with toddlers, fielding heartfelt inquiry from students, holding the hand of the aged, or addressing statesmen. His leadership skills are refreshing and simply leave the observer feeling that Christ is all that matters. Dr. and Mrs. Everett model contagious levels of integrity and unusual vision that is undergirded by God’s Word at every turn. May Christ be exalted each and every day during this transition of hope for all Texas Baptists.

    First Baptist Church, Newport News, Va

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