The Ruth Project


The Ruth Project is the immigration center in Waco. ISAAC, a joint venture of Buckner and the BGCT, helped the leaders of the Ruth Project gain the training they needed to open the center.

Clint Brown recently met Carmen, one of the Ruth Project’s organizers. He has a well thought out post about it here. Check it out. I look forward to reading how his church partners with the Ruth Project in the future.

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One Response to “The Ruth Project”

  1. Rev. P. EPHRAIM Says:





    ” the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end ” Deuteronomy 11:12

    Rev. P. EPHRAIM


    Dear brother in Christ

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    Through this process we are able to cover our Mandal nearly 15 villages. Pastors and Evangelists of different areas also getting free tracts and booklets from us. And they good understand about Bible through this literature. It has become a burden for us to continue this program. If I got generous hand of yours. I will be able to succeed in this program.

    By the grace of God, we run a Christian lending library in my area. So many people are come and search the spiritual books and read and known the real God of Jesus. Here, my position is not good, because of no sufficient spiritual literature. Many people are disappointed of short of literature.

    So, brother please consider my request and pray for my spiritual need of my people and send some of your publications and Gospel Tracts to me. We pray for you and your families and also your ministries.

    Pls Prayer for our Need‘s: – Brother, if you possible please provide here in my area, Your Gospel messages are relay to free media. Here so many free media channels are broadcast some business, Films and etc, but there is no our Gospel messages free Media in my state (Andhra Pradesh). So, brother, please consider my request and provide your material and support to start the Gospel Messages free Media (FM)Free Media; here so many people are used free media sets, audio.

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    We pray for you and your Family and also your ministry in my Regular prayers.

    Yours in His service forever

    Rev . P. Ephraim

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