Evangelism numbers top 3,000


I just got off the phone with Jon Randles. He doesn’t have the final Engage XP registration figures yet, but he offered the following “conservative” estimates from the various BGCT evangelism conferences held in January and February:

Radical Engage & Engage, Rockwall – 610

Hispanic Evangelism Conf., Houston – 1,500

Engage XP, El Paso – 150

Engage XP, Belton – 300

Engage XP, Kingwood – 75

Engage XP, Universal City – 500

Modified Engage XP, Midland – 30

That’s a total of 3,165; and there were at least two professions of faith in the Universal City (San Antonio Association) event.

The conferences seemed to have reached a “younger crowd” by offering a mixture of inspiration and training, Jon said. “We’re not going back” in time to the old evangelism conferences, he said. “This is a new thing with old elements and new elements.”

Let’s now pray that these conferences will result in people making professions of faith across the state and being discipled by congregations.

5 Responses to “Evangelism numbers top 3,000”

  1. Ken Coffee Says:

    Thanks for these updates. I suspect if more of us would pray for Jon and do less reminiscing about past conferebnces, we could see some sigificant movement of God around Texas.

  2. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Not to downplay what Randall has done, but what I see is that he is using Rick Davis’s strategy and if you remember, Rick Davis was the person who lead the BGCT to let the Hispanic Convention have their own evangelism conference. If you add the Hispanic conference and the off site things that Rick did with no money and you can see how he paved the way for Randall’s first steps. Maybe he will obtain the level that Rick brought to the department in years to come.

  3. Ferrell Says:

    All of us stand on the shoulders of those who precede us. If I may switch the metaphor — those carrying the ball today are the ones who need us to cheer them on.

  4. spiritualsamurai Says:

    I wish your 2nd metaphor was the reality but I believe you may have had it right the first time. We are praying for you in the building. I have heard the positioning for positions is filling some with shear disgust.

    Anyway, thank you Ferrel for your fairness and forward thinking concerning online communications.

  5. rick davis Says:

    Kudos to whomever decided to continue the strategy once devised and to fund that strategy and to publicize the results. You have to start over somewhere and it appears we are on the cusp of beginning again.

    Now, Ferrell, I have done my cheerleading, so get off my shoulders. You have put on some weight, guy.

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