Coming home


Today I’m at the Engage XP at First Baptist Church in Universal City, which happens to be the church in which I was baptized. David Lindow, who baptized me, still pastors this congregation.

The church looks different than the last time I was here several years ago. The congregation has grown. It remodelled some of the buildings. The school that I was once a part of now goes all the way through high school. There are different pictures on the walls, the bulletins look different.

But when I opened the church’s door this morning, I was home again.

A thousand sounds and smells rushed to me. I remembered going to preschool here. I remember the first time I heard Pastor David preach. I recalled how Charles leads the music. And walking into the sanctuary, I remembered taking the first step down the aisle to declare my faith in God for the first time publicly. That aisle that seemed so long before taking the first step suddenly became so short after taking the initial step.

Some of the faces have changed here, but the people are the same. Warm. Welcoming. Caring. Family.

What a great day.

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One Response to “Coming home”

  1. rand Says:

    This post reminded me of something that happened just recently to me. Someone was describing a story in which they were talking about an altar. All of a sudden I paid attention to my mental picture and in my mind’s eye I was looking at the front of the church in which I was baptized about 25 years ago. I’ve been members of several other churches, in three different states, since then and thought it strange that it’s the one that stuck in my mind well enough to use that as the typical alter. I’m glad that memory sticks with me so well.

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