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This week we have a belated edition of the Randles report as I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him last week. For those who may be reading this for the first time, each week I try to talk with BGCT Evangelism Director Jon Randles about where he’s been and examine his assertion that lives still are changed through church events such as revivals and disciple nows.

For those who might be looking for an update on how the Engage XPs are going, I’ll address that in another post later today. For those wanting the short version, it sounds like they’re going well.

Last week, Jon was involved in events at First Baptist Church in Grapevine and Faith Baptist Church in Wichita Falls.

During the Sunday-Wednesday revival at Faith, 14 people professed Christ as Lord for the first time. During the Friday and Saturday Disciple Now in Grapevine, 15 students came to faith.

Randles noted how these churches planned ahead to help these be effective events. Church members were able to be intentional about investing in other people and building relationships. They could pray for non-Christians around them. Finally, they invited people to the events. God moved throughout the process.

For the week, Jon saw 29 people come to know the Lord during two events at churches. Praise God for each one of the decisions.

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One Response to “Randles report”

  1. Rex Campbell Says:

    Just as in many churches today I wonder what it takes to get a hearty Amen?

    Do our fingers only work to type when we have something to criticize or moan about?

    Amen and Amen to these reports of what God is doing!

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