Engage XP update


This morning I heard on the radio that a man recently rolled over 1 million miles on his Silverado truck. For a moment, I wondered if it was Jon Randles, who is driving through the night from Engage XP to Engage XP. For those who might be keeping track, that would be 1,394 miles in 5 days.

So far, two XPs have taken place. About 150 people came to the event in El Paso on Sunday. About 250 people turned out last night in Belton. Randles indicated he’s hearing some good feedback from the people who came. They seem to appreciate the format and the training.

About 60 people from Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown came to the XP in Belton. Most of those people are involved in an intentional weekly effort to share their faith in the community. Pastor Dan Wooldridge said the XP helped give them a bigger vision for evangelism and encouraged them to share their faith.

The pastor said the seminars and preaching fostered discussion among staff members about evangelism. The teaching affirmed what Crestview is doing, but also brought some new ideas forward.

“We took advantage of it. It certainly stimulated us.”

Please pray for the XPs. May God use these events to bring revival to the state.

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