UPDATED: More Randel Everett information


In an effort to help Texas Baptists know more about Randel Everett and why the search committee is going to nominate him, additional information has been posted online.

Everett’s resume can be read by clicking here.

Ken Hugghins, chairman of the search committee, further explains the committee’s rationale for picking Everett here.

And some Texas Baptists share their thoughts on Everett here.

UPDATE: This morning Ashli uploaded an audio file of Ken Hugghins telling the BGCT executive board staff why the committee will nominate Everett. It can be found by clicking here.

You can also listen to Hugghins by hitting play below:

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4 Responses to “UPDATED: More Randel Everett information”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    I give him four years and then an I told you so.

  2. Andy Says:

    c’mon SS. At least give us a chance! Is it beyond God to fix the BGCT thru Dr. Everett?

  3. Robert Says:

    I was so disheartened to hear that what has been emphasized about Randel Everett the most is that he is coming form a CBF supporting church! My only response is, “Who elso would you expect to be nominated from the BGCT?” In all the endorsements that have been published on the web about Dr. Everett absolutely no mention has ever been made about Him seeking to build bridges or support biblical initiatives with the SBC. It is not beyond God to “fix the BGCT” through anyone, Andy. However it seems most unlikely for the current BGCT leadership to ever consider calling anyone that would be willing to be used in that way! I attended a listening session held by the Exec. Search Comm. of about 9 pastors from our association. 8 of the nine stressed the need to call someone different from the current and immediate past political persuasion of the BGCT, only 1 of the nine pastors complemented the BGCT concerning its anti-SBC posture in everything. Yet what does the committee do? They select a potential Executive Director that will only continue the anti-SBC moves begun by Charles Wade. I warned the committee members in that listening session that I felt many BGCT related churches would decide whether to continue or withdraw from the BGCT based on their selection. I guess their attitude must be “good riddance” because they don’t seem to have made any attempt to find someone who would be reconcilitory to those who have been excluded by the BGCT.

  4. Tim Dahl Says:

    After listening to what the chair of the search committee said; I can only hope that he leads us into a stronger relationship with alternatives to the SBC. However, I’m afraid he won’t. Considering that the church he was in gave 10 times more to the SBC than the CBF; it sounds like he’ll let people do what they’ve always done. So people, some unknowingly and some unwilling to know, will continue to give their money to the SBC institutions. Even though, we continue to see these institutions in their morally corrupt and internally cancer ridden state. Dying from the inside out. However, on the positive side; he won’t lead the BGCT to force people to give one way or another; like the SpBTC and other Fundamentalist Conventions. He respects people’s freedom of conscience. That is a good thing.


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