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Here’s this week’s check in with Jon Randles on what he’s seeing in churches. This thing needs some sort of hokey name. At the risk of sounding like a morning radio show, if you have any suggestions, submit them via the comments section below. I feel like I should have something to give the winning suggestion. Or take caller nine …

On to the report.

Last weekend Randles’ preached a Disciple Now at FBC Mustang, Okla. Most of the time this space will focus on stuff he does in Texas, but Mustang struck me as an exception because it’s a good example of what Randles believes about evangelism.

Planning for the D-Now began last fall in this church with the youth minister telling his students to intentionally pick one non-Christian at their school to start praying for and building a relationship with. He told them don’t just use them to get them to become Christians, actually become their friend. Care about them.

Many of them did just that. So when it came time for the D-Now, the invitation to come to it was natural. And their friends responded. About 25 non-Christians showed up to the D-Now weekend. They knew what was going on and were interested in coming. They wanted to go to an event where the gospel would be shared.

In all, about 60 students made faith decisions that weekend, including about 10 first-time professions of faith. Good stuff.

Randles also had the opportunity speak during BUA’s chapel for the first time this week. He’s at the Hispanic Evangelism Conference today.

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