HBU basketball


Today’s Dallas Morning News has a piece about Houston Baptist University trying to make the jump to division one athletics. For HBU alums, it could be a nice read. There’s a long road to travel there in terms of athletics, but they sound committed to it.

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  1. Dexton Shores Says:

    I don’t have anything against celebrating the success of HBU Basketball, but there was an evangelistic celebration in Houston going on February 1 and 2 that Texas Baptists need to hear about! The Hispanic Evangelism Conference last week was a glorious experience of meaningful praise and worship, and God used Evangelist Alberto Motessi in a super, wonderful way to bless and revive the 1,400 attending. I believe the attendance on Monday evening was close to 1,100 in the main plenary session and 300 young people in the youth worship service and Saturday morning was about the same. The altar was so full both services that people were standing in the aisles. It is a shame no blogging was done about this wonderful event for Texas Baptists to celebrate. I hope you will provide a little video that Rex filmed for readers to see just how God was glorified and His people blessed.

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