New Baptist Covenant


The New Baptist Covenant begins tonight. For those who want to check out what’s going on there, Baptists Today is providing a live stream of the event. It looks like Baptists Today is going all out on their coverage, with four bloggers covering the event, plus photos and traditional stories that will come out of the newsroom of the event.

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13 Responses to “New Baptist Covenant”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    And two of the first speakers: Obama and Hillary

    But this is not a political rally of the left!

    I told you so!

  2. John Says:

    David, I understand your concerns. And I’ve read the cricticisms of the meeting, but I have been told by someone at the meeting that you are incorrect. The first speaker at the meeting was Bill Underwood from Mercer and Hillary and Obama have not shown up at the NBC.

    As a reference, here’s series of videos of everything that has happened to this point:

    The four largest African American national conventions met prior to the NBC meeting and I understand Hillary and Obama had some sort of presence there.

  3. wackypreacher Says:

    Hillary was actually present at the meeing. I read this on one of the Baptist Today blogs. Obama was present only via video.

  4. John Says:

    Just to clarify, I believe Bob is talking about the African American conventions’ meeting, not the NBC meeting. Bob, if I’m wrong about what you’re saying, let me know.

  5. wackypreacher Says:

    John, you are right. I went back and read the blog and I was mistaken. They spoke at the National Baptist Convention. I am not holding my breath that Hillary will not be at the New Baptist Covenant event with Bill.

  6. spiritualsamurai Says:

    This was a comment on Samurai:

    David, It appears that Hillary and Obama spoke at the National Baptist Convention and not at the New Baptist Covenant. But I am holding my breath that Hillary won’t show up with Bill at the New Baptist Covenant

    Someone have an oxygen tank nearby please.

  7. wackypreacher Says:

    Good One David!!

    Might want to turn the AC on to cool off all the hot air from the politicians in the room at the New Baptist Covenant.

  8. Tim Dahl Says:


    Revered William Shaw was truly inspiring. What a great preacher! I am sincerely appreciative of whoever thought about having videos up of the speakers. I look forward to seeing more.

    Tim Dahl

  9. Lee Says:

    I’m going to spend a little time this weekend looking at some of the videos of the speakers. I appreciate the efforts of the live bloggers, but I think you need to see and hear things for yourself.

    If I go by what the bloggers are saying, the only speaker so far that has cracked open the cover of a Bible is Dr. William Shaw. I’m not really sure exactly what Carter said, or accomplished with his speech except to say that Baptists are disunified because there are still some who won’t allow homosexuals to be pastors and church officers. Julie Pennington Russell celebrated the diversity gathered in the room. Al Gore continued to warn about the effects of global warming. Tony Campolo urged Baptists to become more involved in social justice issues. Shaw was apparently the only speaker who delivered a real sermon.

    That means one of two things. Either the bloggers who are interpreting the speakers for us are ignoring the scripture and focusing on the issues, or the speakers are really just being speakers, and not preachers relying on the Word of God.

  10. Lee Says:

    I read that Ellis Orozco preached what may objectively be considered to be the finest sermon of the entire gathering. But then, Ellis is genuinely focused on advancing the kingdom rather than an agenda, and preaches the word rather than an opinion. As a result, he can connect with people regardless of their theological/political perspective.

  11. Tim Dahl Says:

    Hey Lee,

    Sorry, its been a bit crazy around here.

    My computer messed up on Carter’s and Gore’s presentations. Since I didn’t hear them, I’m not going to comment on them. I absolutely loved Tony Campolo’s address. God really hit me in between the eyes with that one. I made it through Marian Wright Edleman’s address as well. Even though I agree that there is a huge problem, as she so ably pointed out. I disagree with how she would go about it. However, I did agree with one thing; the problem starts with us, the parents. Even though I may disagree with her ways of fixing the problems, God still used her message to awaken me to the issues.

    That is all I’ve had the opportunity to hear so far. I’ll say more as I listen in.

    Tim Dahl

  12. rand Says:

    Tim, good point on your above post, it goes beyond differences and looks at what we can learn from other people, other Christians, who see things in a different way than we do personally.
    Also, I agree that the folks putting on the New Baptist Covenant made some missteps in the speaker invitation realm that gave this a political slant, but many good issues were discussed.

  13. Tim Dahl Says:

    I’m not sure if they made misteps on the invites or not. My understanding is that they invited some pretty hardcore republicans (like Huckabee), but our guys were to afraid to show up.

    Yeah, I’m a Repub. 🙂

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