On the road with Randles


Some around the blogosphere, including some commenters on this site, have questioned Jon Randles’ philosophy on what they see as “event evangelism.” People have said people are no longer interested in coming to church events.

So I’ve challenged Jon to prove he’s right. Once a week, I’m going to check with Jon and see where he’s been and what happened there. We understand numbers don’t tell the entire story, but we’ll at least get a general feel as to whether people are coming to faith during events.

For those who have never met Jon or heard him speak, here he is from Engage. During this sermon, he talks about his philosophy of evangelism. A word of warning, this is a big file and takes a while to download.

Now on to this week’s Randles report. For this first one, I’m sticking strictly to numbers. They’ll probably get more detailed as we go along. As comments are made and questions are asked, I’ll attempt to have Jon respond as needed in the next Randles report.

First he preached a Disciple Now in Azle. 75 youth participated and three made professions of faith.

Last week he then preached a revival Sunday-Wednesday for Northside Baptist Church in Victoria. Sixty people made spiritual decisions, including 11 first time professions of faith.

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One Response to “On the road with Randles”

  1. Ferrell Says:

    This is a good approach, John. Thanks.

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