Everett identifies three points of emphasis


I’m out sick one day and I feel like world has passed me by. Sorry for the rapid fire posts, but there’s a lot going in Baptist life early this week. Because I’ve posted so much this morning, I’ve pushed some down important Engage information and on evangelism in posts earlier this morning, but there’s good stuff there. Check them out. 

Continuing to catch up with the news, in an interview with the Baptist Standard, Randel Everett laid three points he would emphasize if he is elected to serve as the next executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

From the story:

In a phone interview, Everett acknowledged he would be returning to Texas at “a challenging time,” but he also characterized it as “a time of great opportunity” for Texas Baptists. The increasing ethnic diversity of Texas and the need to engage young leaders age 35 and younger in denominational life rank among key challenges he noted.

“I would like to help the BGCT discern, ‘Where is our unique kingdom assignment?” he said.

Everett highlighted three tasks he believes could bring Texas Baptists together:

• Missions. “Texas Baptists should make sure every person in Texas has the opportunity to respond to the good news of Christ within his or her own language and context,” he said.

• Christian education. From religious education in local congregations to high education in universities and seminaries, Texas Baptists should “make sure we are providing the resources to ensure that people grow in Christ’s likeness,” he said.

• Advocacy. Texas Baptists should become advocates for the separation of church and state to ensure religious liberty for all people, and they should be advocates for the poor, he said. “There is no reason any child in Texas should go to bed hungry.”

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One Response to “Everett identifies three points of emphasis”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Well, glad he is against sin.

    Now, other than being a nice guy who loves missions, education, and children why does he sound like this is a done deal?

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