Child dies at South Texas children’s home


Last Friday, a young man died unexpectedly while staying at South Texas Children’s Home. This must be a traumatic situation on multiple levels. Please be in prayer for the children’s home.

More details after the jump.

BEEVILLE-J.D. Gomez, a 17-year-old boy in the care of South Texas Children’s Home, died Jan. 25.

Jarrett was discovered unconscious in the shower and did not respond to CPR administered by several staff members at the children’s home. The sheriff’s department and emergency medical service personnel arrived quickly, but Gomez did not regain consciousness.

Gomez, an athlete at Pettus High School, left school with a fever and respiratory symptoms three days before his death. On Jan. 23, he was taken to the doctor in Kenedy and began taking prescribed medication to treat an infection.

He had remained home from school Friday morning and had awakened to take a shower when he apparently passed out, children’s home officials said.

“All signs of this tragic event indicate that Gomez’s death is health related,” said Todd Roberson, president and CEO of South Texas Children’s Home. “We are deeply saddened by his death, and our hearts go out to this child’s family, the house parents, our caseworkers and others who have been involved in this child’s life.

One Response to “Child dies at South Texas children’s home”

  1. Brennan Guerrero Says:

    Hi my name is Brennan and i use to be in the south Texas children’s home i was in the Goliad campus this really hits me because i loved being there you get to go do allot yet there are allot more rules but rules are good for you and i didn’t figure that out till i got kicked out this astounded me because the children’s home is usually very good at takeing care of the kids there and keep watch of them very closely so if he died be for they got to him and CPR didn’t help he would have had to be down for awile or had something very wrong with him i say to get something done to see what his cause of death is like on CSI my love and prayer’s are with both the family and the kids at the childrens home and the parents in the home

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