Baptists from North America gathering for historic meeting


Let me continue to encourage you to be in Atlanta the end of the month for the New Baptist Covenant meeting.  There has never been a meeting like this one promises to be.  There will be people from every background, every part of North America, with many different experiences to share out of their own Baptist heritage. 

We will be blessed and encouraged by other Baptists and we will be blessing and affirmation to others.  When could there ever have been a time when this many different kinds of Baptist people: ministers, lay leaders, ordinary Baptist church members…could be gathered in one place for three days?

Some very generous people have provided special gifts so that we could take care of our staff”s expenses as they have been involved in preparation for this meeting and in attending.    There has been enough given so that I can offer to any of you who will work to get members of your church to attend a stipend to help with expenses.  I have $350 available, on a limited basis, first come first served, to help several pastors or lay leaders get some people together for the trip to Atlanta.

If you will let Myla McClinton, my executive assistant, or me know of your interest we can provide a form you can use to request this help in defraying your expenses.  Many of you could enlist another couple or two and drive to Atlanta and the $350 would pay for your meals or maybe most of the gasoline.  

I want you to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with other Baptists who care as you do that Jesus’ words come to life in Texas and throughout America.  Hear him again:  “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”  Luke 4:18-19  

I want to be part of this and I encourage you to be there, too.

Don Blackley is helping with the music.  Ellis Orozco, George Mason and Joel Gregory are three of our Texas pastors and preachers who will be speaking.  There are other Texans involved in a variety of venues.  Don’t miss it if you can.

5 Responses to “Baptists from North America gathering for historic meeting”

  1. Tim Dahl Says:

    I have to say that I really wanted to go to this. However, I’m not leaving my wife and newborn (2-3 weeks at the moment) for a weekend in Atlanta. 🙂

    Some things really do take priority, and my baby boy does. 🙂

    Blessings upon all those that attend.

    Tim Dahl

  2. spiritualsamurai Says:


    Should we not be more interested in helping Texas Baptists attend meetings in our own state without trying to help the democratic party get more votes?

    Maybe those “generous people” would use the money to help us rebuild harmony and trust in our state. The NBC is going to be a No Body Cared meeting.

  3. David Says:


  4. Ferrell Says:

    Thanks for the spelling help, but with a name like mine I learned long ago to not let spelling bother me.

    As regards NBC, I don’t know the details of the gifts that made possible the NBC “scholarships,” but I suspect that the people who provided the funds feel a special interest in the Atlanta meeting. And I highly doubt it was for political reasons. While a lot of people have been upset over Presidents Carter and Clinton’s involvement in NBC, the foundational ideas underlying the celebration are something that Baptists should be excited about.

    I would love it if some generous Texans would provide scholarship funds for people to attend in-state events. There is the upcoming Hispanic Evangelism Conference in Houston, the Engage XP evangelism conferences around the state and many others. It would be easy for even less-wealthy Texas Baptists or churches to provide one or two scholarships for people whom they know to attend. Wouldn’t it be great if a pastor from a more prosperous church asked his congregation to send both him and another local pastor to such meetings. That would be a great church-to-church partnership that would benefit both congregations.

  5. Tim Dahl Says:

    Last time I checked, there were scholarships for in-state events…especially for small church participants. I was scholarship for the first Annual Convention that I went to. As is the case, the people just need to call the baptist building for the details.

    I think that I would be sorely disappointed if I got a sales call from the phone bank letting me know of scholarships for in-state events. People just need to quit being lazy and make the call themselves. Seriously, people can take the initiative. We don’t have to be so self-centered and consumer oriented.

    I hope that all is going well at the NBC.


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