Glimpes of Engage


Quit trying to fix your church. Quit trying to fix yourself. Quit trying to fix your ministry. Let Jesus do it.

Alex Himaya

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4 Responses to “Glimpes of Engage”

  1. Tim Dahl Says:

    Again, something that sounds good but doesn’t add up scripturally or practically. It seems that Jesus calls us to him, and then requires us to do things…like, sell all we have and give it to the poor. It is amazing how he calls us as co-workers in his Kingdom. We have enough of the passive Christianity; where 11 men play on the field, and 200,000 sit in the stands. We definitely need some more active things happening; say like the Spiritual Disciplines.

    Are any of these sermons/presentations going to be streamed? If so, what is the website. Quotes taken out of context can always be dangerous.



  2. David Says:

    Another quote: “One of the last things Texas Baptists need is another meeting about evangelism.” I heard someone say that years ago during a week of youth camp; I both do and don’t agree with the statement.

  3. John Says:

    Tim, we’ll get these messages online as quickly as possible. When we have a link, I’ll post it here.

  4. Tim Dahl Says:

    Thank you, John. I really appreciate it.


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