Wayland in Kenya to start classes Jan. 14


From Wayland Baptist University:

LIMURU, Kenya – Gunfire erupted in Limuru, Kenya, Monday, a small town approximately 1 kilometer from Kenya Baptist Theological College where the Wayland Baptist University campus is housed. According to Don Ashley, associate professor of religion at Wayland’s Anchorage campus, several people were killed and almost 200 young men were arrested in the melee. Despite the report of violence so near the campus, classes will continue as scheduled beginning Jan. 14. Ashley and his family traveled to Kenya prior to Christmas where he will be teaching in the upcoming term. While the violence has shaken his family, they are currently safe at the campus. A major problem in the last week has been the availability of supplies. According to Ashley the supply lines have reopened, but it is still difficult to get food, water and fuel. The KBTC campus is secure with supplies, but has stopped taking in additional refugees for fear of running out of necessary supplies. Rick Shaw, director of the Wayland project in Kenya, is scheduled to travel to Kenya on Friday. As of now, he is still planning to make the trip. Having spent 12 years on the mission field in Albania, Macadonia and Kosovo through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Shaw said this type of violence comes with the territory. “There are shootings all the time,” Shaw said. “It’s never welcome, but you kind of get used to it.” 

Shaw still plans to make the trip, a decision made easier by the fact that his family will be staying behind. He will spend nearly a month in Kenya, assessing the program and its needs. Shaw has been in close contact with KBTC administrators who have advised him that for now it is safe to continue classes as planned. 

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