TBM looking to send coats to North Korea


The Baptist Standard is reporting Texas Baptist Men is collecting coats to send to North Korea. They hope to send 10,000 total coats to 10 different hospitals in the country. Coats or checks can be sent to Texas Baptist Men at 5351 Catron, Dallas 75227.

Here’s some more info from the Standard:

Global Resource Services will send 10 containers filled with medical supplies to 10 rural hospitals in North Korea soon, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of its humanitarian work there. And Texas Baptist Men wants to include 10,000 winter coats for children with the shipments.

John LaNoue of Lindale, whose initial work in North Korea gave birth to Texas Baptist Men’s partnership with Global Resource Services there 10 years ago, recently returned from another trip to North Korea with TBM volunteer Jim Pinkston of Edgewood.

LaNoue and Pinkston worked with Global Resource Services to complete the installation of a soybean processing plant that provides oil, tofu and soymilk for children in the Haepo Ri area.

Texas Baptist Men and Global Resource Services began its partnership in North Korea in 1998 by distributing 100,000 coats. The Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board collected the coats at LaNoue’s request after he spent three months in North Korea delivering and monitoring the distribution of food provided by American humanitarian aid organizations.

During that time—when he monitored the distribution of 60,000 metric tons of corn from the United States—he saw the needs in North Korea’s rural areas, where children went without coats in unheated school rooms during freezing winter months.

“It seems fitting for the 10th anniversary shipment of medical supplies to include a shipment of children’s winter coats,” LaNoue said. “TBM would like to put 1,000 coats in each container. Each container will be sent to a different rural hospital. The coats can then be distributed to the neediest children in that area.”

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