Executive Board to vote on interim executive director nominee


The Executive Board will vote on a nominee to serve as the interim BGCT executive director later this week. The nominee’s name will be released later this week.

Here’s the official release:

DALLAS – The Baptist General Convention Executive Board will vote later this week on a nominee to serve as interim executive director for the convention.

BGCT Executive Board members received a note Dec. 17 indicating they would receive background on a candidate to serve as interim executive director as well as information about how the e-mail vote will work “no earlier than December 20.”

Voting will begin Dec. 20 and continue until a decision is made.

The nominee will serve until the next executive assumes the post. In an interview, BGCT Executive Board Chairman John Petty called the candidate a “worthy choice.”

“The Executive Committee is unanimous in its recommendation of this candidate,” he said.

Ken Hugghins, chairman of the Executive Director Search Committee, said it is unlikely an executive director nominee will be presented to the Executive Board before Jan. 1. The committee is finishing the first round of interviews and has begun the second.

In the event a nominee is brought forward and approved in January, it is unlikely that person would assume the position before current BGCT Executive Director Charles Wade retires Jan. 31. The person would most likely need to give his or her current employer several weeks notice and take a couple weeks to relocate.

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5 Responses to “Executive Board to vote on interim executive director nominee”

  1. Tim Dahl Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I look forward to seeing who the interim is.

    Tim Dahl

  2. Gerald Bastin Says:

    Any word on the who the person will be?

  3. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Ferrell,
    It will be interesting to see.

  4. John Says:

    Gerald, shortly after the Executive Board is informed of the person’s name, I’ll post it on this blog. I’m taking for granted that will be Thursday. Once the results of the vote are in, I’ll provide another update on the blog.

    I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated regarding this situation.

  5. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Apology to John for giving credit to Ferrell. Thank you John.

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