Something to be thankful for


DBU President Gary Cook continues improving. Yesterday he participated in the school’s 3 mile Turkey Trot. It was the first time he had to walk instead of run of the course. What a great time of celebration that must have been.

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One Response to “Something to be thankful for”

  1. Charles Wade Says:

    What a great report concerning Dr. Cook. He is in our prayers and good news is great to hear on the eve of Thanksgiving.

    I heard from Don Guthrie, pastor at FBC, San Antonio, yesterday and he is home and prayerfully planning their treatment strategy. He is praying, and I ask you to join me in praying with him, that a very special doctor that his San Antonio medical team wants him to see will be available to work with him.

    His church and staff love Don greatly and we will pray for his full and miraculous healing.

    These two men represent others known to us who are depending on God’s healing touch. Let’s keep them and their dear families in our prayers on this Thanksgiving eve.


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