Executive director nominee ‘unlikely’ before Jan. 1


Psuedo-hot off the electronic press: 

DALLAS – A nominee to be the next Baptist General Convention of Texas executive director is “unlikely” to come before Jan. 1, according to the chairman of the BGCT Executive Director Search Committee.

Ken Hugghins, pastor of Elkins Lake Baptist Church in Huntsville who is leading the committee, said the first round of candidate interviews continues. Once that is finished, the committee will begin narrowing the field further. To do that, committee members will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and compare those with the characteristics they value for the position.

The committee is looking for a person who can unite Texas Baptists behind core causes, bringing together the strength of Texas Baptist ministers, laypeople and institutions across diverse national denomination ties.

Hugghins asks Texas Baptists to continue praying for the search committee and the person who God already has chosen for the position.

“We appreciate Texas Baptists’ patience,” he said. “Please translate that to prayer. We trust that God is leading us to the person He would like to serve as the next executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.”

One Response to “Executive director nominee ‘unlikely’ before Jan. 1”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Please, Please take your time. Would not even an interim be better than getting the wrong person. WE are praying for you.

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