Joy and David


I wish all Texas Baptists could have attended the press conference with Joy Fenner and David Lowrie. Both participated at the same time, no animosity, graciousness all around. I don’t ever recall a joint press conference by two Baptist presidential candidates after an election, but I thought it was so appropriate.

David and Joy never injected hate, threats or anger into the process that led up to the election. They remained true to who they are, and they both are people who care deeply about kingdom work and, therefore, care deeply for people. They brought civility to this process while clearly stating their positions.

I think we all can take our cues from these two leaders. We can constantly remind ourselves that while we may disagree with one another at times, we’re still part of the same spiritual family and we’re going to spend eternity together. We might as well start learning now how to live together. Christ’s body is one.

Thank you, Joy and David, for letting God shape you in the image of Christ.

2 Responses to “Joy and David”

  1. David Lowrie Says:


    I know the press conference was video taped. Would it be possible to post this video online? I agree with you it was for me a defining moment in BGCT life.

    I want to thank Joy for allowing me to share the light with her.

    Good days are ahead.

    David Lowrie

  2. Ferrell Says:

    We are checking into it. We do not have that video, but we know who does. Will get back soon. Thanks for reminding me.

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