Fenner elected president


Joy¬†FennerDavid Lowrie 840… 48.5%

Joy Fenner 900… 51.5%

Read news story here.

3 Responses to “Fenner elected president”

  1. David Lowrie Says:

    Dear Friends,

    The people have voted and Joy is our new president. I would encourage all of us to prayerfully support Joy and our elected officers. The challenges we face are great but not insurmountable if we work together for the sake of the Kingdom.

    I want to personally thank all those who voted for me. I was humbled by your support and confidence. A strong message was sent about our future and it is very important that we stay engaged in the conversation. I know many may feel frustrated by the events of today, but the synergy and unity we seek will take time.

    Each of us must choose our own response, but I would encourage you to remember whose Kingdom we are seeking to build. Unity grows out of embracing our conflicts as a platform for greater understanding, and deeper relationships. Let’s stay the course and work together with Joy to prepare for the new Executive Director the Lord has waiting in the wings.

    David Lowrie

  2. David Says:

    The report regarding the vote was: (1) 1748 votes cast; (2) 8 votes either “for” or “against”–rather than “1” or “2”–so discarded; (3) 1740 votes valid; (4) 840 votes favoring David (48.28% of the valid votes; 48.05% of all 1748 votes, as stated aloud in the platform report; (5) 900 votes favoring Joy (51.72% of the valid votes; 51.49% of all 1748 votes–as almost report aloud; 51.5% was reported from the platform).

    I voted for David, but appreciate Joy.

  3. VB Says:

    Pastor Lowrie – thank you for your gracious comments. You give us hope.

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