Today the BGCT launched the website I’ve been a part of the team that is developing this site.

It’s a little strange, but I’ve been struggling over what to say about the site that I have worked on, dreamt about, and lived for the last months. I think that’s just because I can’t believe the opportunity I have been given to be a part of this project and I want to make sure any words that come from me about it honor Him.

I think what is, what we’re planning it to be and the potential of the tool that it can become pretty much blows my mind. It’s an on-line missions tool, but it’s so much more to me. It’s a way for people and churches to get connected to needs identified by Texas Baptists and to get connected to each other so that together they can be purposeful about targeting areas of missions burned in their hearts by God.

This morning in a discussion group with young Baptist leaders, David Coffey said that missions and evangelism are impossible without an expression of mercy. I thought about the opportunities on that when you strip them down to the basic purpose, they are expressions of mercy. Tonight, Rick Warren spoke of  assisting the poor, caring for the sick, training leaders, educating the next generation and promoting reconciliation. The opportunities listed on this website will connect people to fulfilling these kinds of needs so their hearts will be open to hearing of the One who can fulfill their spiritual needs.

Please pray for us as we continue to develop this site.  We have a meeting on Monday with key players to talk about the future steps of developing this site. Then we’ll continue working on updating the site with new missions opportunities and features.

This site is for you (and me!) and my hope is that if you feel called to the things we’ve heard about today and haven’t yet found that connection, that will be able to help you to do that…and as we develop the site, that someone looking for a connection will find where you are working and join you in that call to missions.

Here are the details from the official news story.

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  1. Tim Dahl Says: is going to be a great tool. I’ve heard that it is a part of Worldconnex. Is that true?

    Tim L. Dahl

  2. Ferrell Says:

    WorldconneX has been an important partner in developing the concept, and then the BGCT staff took the lead in constructing the site. We really are trying to think BGCT Big on this. This web site will not just be about the BGCT staff or WorldconneX, it will be a way for all of our churches and institutions to connect. We have yet to work out the specifics of how we approach Phase 2 because we were so focused on getting Phase 1 ready by Annual Meeting, but that will happen this month.

    Let me add one side work. I took such pleasure in reading Ashli’s post on this. She has been part of the concepting and at the center of the construction, along with Zack Smith. You can see that she brings more than technical skill to this; she brings a passion for missions.

    Ashli is like the rest of our Communications Team; she’s a pro on mission for God. We do not see communications as an administrative function; we see it as a calling from God to be on kingdom mission. I just love working with such dedicated people.

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