Prayer request for Texas Baptist in Nicaragua


We all need to be praying for Jim Palmer, a member of Athens First Baptist Church and an IMB missionary in Nicaragua, who has developed a health problem and needs to be transported back to the U.S. Also pray for Jim’s wife, Viola. Their son, Jeremy, gave me permission to share the following information:

At 5:30 a.m. Oct. 22., Jim collapsed. Eleven years ago Jim had a similar incident. He returned to the U.S. and had a pacemaker installed. Six months ago he had the pacemaker changed out. The most likely reason for this problem is that something has gone seriously wrong with that pacemaker. Jim is totally coherent and feels fine as long as he is laying down. However he cannot sit up. Airlines will not transport passengers that cannot sit up. This means that he will have to be care flighted back to the U.S. unless he feels better immediately.How to pray:
1. Pray for God to heal him.
2. Pray for his heart to continue to push enough blood to his brain and other vital organs.
3. Pray that they can find a way to get him back to the U.S. as soon as possible.
4. Pray that the doctors here in the U.S. can find the problem quickly and solve it.

For more details and updates on Jim’s condition, visit the Palmers’ web site:

15 Responses to “Prayer request for Texas Baptist in Nicaragua”

  1. Ferrell Says:

    Jim and Viola posted the following great news to their web site Thursday, Oct. 25:

    “We have just been able to get on the internet and have read your many prayers and greetings. Jim is doing so much better. He is sitting up without dizzy spells or fainting. The cardiologist has ruled out any problems with Jim’s heart or pacemaker. Today we saw a neurologist who has ordered additional tests. He thinks the episode Jim had on Monday may be related to an inner ear condition call Labyrinthitis. The additional tests has not showed anything significant. At this point we are grateful Jim has regain his balance and is feeling fine. There appears to be no major diagnosis to explain his blackouts. We continue to trust the Lord and hope to return to Nicaragua soon. We covet your prayers as we wait to get clearance from the IMB doctors.”

  2. mimi villegas galsi Says:

    Salvation for Seth and his father Dennis. Deliverance from drugs, alcohol and any other vice or negativity blocking their lives. May God protect and bring Seth´s future wife to him.

    Deliverance for Mimi from very strong spiritual warfare and the occult over her body and life, to be broken and lifted off so healing and peace may come.

    Salvation for Jerry and for God to remove the scales from his eyes and ears and release his tongue in speach which is bound in fear and other strongholds.

  3. mimi Says:

    Salvation for Seth and Dennis, deliverance from all bondages or generational curses in their lives to be broken off. Direction for Seth, that God bring his future Cristian wife to him safely soon.

    Deliverance for Mimi from all occult oppression and strong spiritual warefare over her body and life be broken and lifted off so that cleansing and healing may take place, renewed like the the eagle in victory of 18 years in this struggle.

    Salvation for Jerry, may the Holy Spirit awake him from his sleep as he did Joseph to see the truth and listen to Gods very still voice, remove the scales from his eyes ears and free his speach.

  4. mimi villegas galdi Says:

    *Salvation and direcion for Seth and his father Dennis. Deliverance from drugs alcohol and all ailments or inpedements in their lives. May God protect and bring Seth’s future Christian bride to him soon.
    *Deliverance for Mimi from all occult, and help in strong spiritual warfare and battles she is in.
    *Salvation for Jerry, may God rebuild his self confidence, remove all the bondages in his life and set him free.

  5. Pray Clem Says:

    Please pray for complete healing for Dr. Clem Mueller from pancreatic cancer. Please visit the website his family created for him and with updates:

    Thank you and may God bless you!

  6. mvg Says:

    Salvation and redication for Seth Adam Garman who is 23 years old, and completely lost. Deliverance from drugs, alcohol and absolutely all bondages for Seth and all of them. Deliverance for Mimi from every evil work spoken against her and cancel the power of every curse, oath, chant, incantation, hex, pact, bondage, spell, voodoo, satanic art or practice, negative agreement or confesion cast over her and her family to be shattered and returned to the source. Return of house and ownership of 805 Blossom Lane, after 12 years of a renting to own contact and final ownership to be restablished. Exposure of the truth regarding all legal and spiritual attacks toward Mimi and family to the last detail and everyone envolved in hence return all that was taken. God knows the details. Unspoken request to come to my front door very soon.

  7. Steve & Debra Gibson Says:

    Continue to pray for our family and business, remember my wife she has been having some health issues. We are Real Estate agents and we are working on a deal that would help to buy Bibles for a church over seas that is in desperate need. We pray that you will help us pray that GOD will allow this deal to work that we can help people that are in need. Thank You for your prayers.

    Steve & Debra Gibson

  8. Terri Says:

    I lost my job over a month ago & cannot seem to find employment. Please pray for me that I may find a job soon.


  9. carol Says:

    Please pray for my son Robert as he is really going though some trial and tribulations. He has been put in jail to serve three months and we are hoping he will get on the two for one program that allows him to get out early for good behavior. He has given his life to the Lord and wants a second chance so please pray that God will give him this miracle and open many doors for us. It just seems like we haven’t received any light from a bad situation and God says he will open doors, so please pray to help my son have the grace to handle being incarcerated and pray that as he reads the bible in jail that God will reveal the mysteries of Christ. My son has met some very interesting people while in there and I think God wants him to witness to these people. One guy used to be a youth minister and got hooked on drugs his name is James and he is in jail and has to go to a center to try and get off drugs, so please keep James in your prayers as well. Robbie got to witness to him and I am sure James witnesses to my son. People that are incarcerated need prayer and encouragement to help them get through each day. Pray that my son Robert will have Gods favor as Joseph did when he was in prison. Pray that my son will get out soon and start his ministry to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This has been a time of focus for my son and I know he will complete God’s will while he is free from jail and while he is in jail. Please ask that God will be his strength and comfort while he is in jail and out free. Robert’s Mom

  10. Seth Says:

    In the city I’m living in (Seattle), there are now so many homeless people! Please pray that God will give me a heart that’s where His heart is at. Pray that God will show me what to do—how to reach out and be His hands and feet. I feel handicapped, because I don’t have a car and I’m staying at someone else’s place, and my own life is in transition. Please pray that God will protect me, provide for me and give me stability through this recession, so I’ll have the strength to reach out. Pray that God will give me the inner strength, and the passionate desire to reach out to His people, as well as wisdom, guidance, provisions and support. Pray for guidance in sending out prayer requests to cover this.

  11. carol Says:

    I just wanted to let all you’ll know my son passed his test. All Glory goes to God!!!! Praise God and all you wonderful people that prayed with us. Thank You Thank You Thank You. God Bless each and everyone that took the time for us. MOM

  12. carol Says:

    Please pray for my son probation officer Donna. She is a procratinator and we are waiting on her to go see the Judge to request my son get out of jail early, but she keeps making excuses about going to the court for us. She said she would go for us so we need prayers that she will go and request his freedom. Everytime I call her she has such a hateful attitude towards me. I just wish she would do what she told us she would do. Thanks for your prayers.

  13. carol Says:

    Please pray with me for my Mom. My Mom had a hip replacement about two weeks ago and she was doing great with her recovery and rehab but the day they were going to release her they realized her incision was leaking fluid (which I believe is the nurses fault) so they took a sample for testing and now it is infected and she has to have surgery (not sure of the surgery date either today April 21 or April 22) again to clean this infection out. Please pray for better care from the nurses and a successful surgery and a quick recovery as she has been through so much. On the right leg where she had the hip replacement she also has a artificial leg, so it makes things a little harder. Please pray for us. Thanks and God bless! Carol (Ruth’s daughter)

  14. Joe Cox Says:

    Please Pray that Christ Will Purify Carey’s Heart once
    So that she can return to Christ Jesus. She has turned her
    back on God. She is a Christian.
    God Bless

  15. keijo Says:

    Help and pray for me for many trouble in my life for my enemies.let the lord give to me victory and rest from this all, thanks and bless keijo sweden

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