New missions web site coming


I’m writing to share a little inside information. At Annual Meeting, we will be introducing a new BGCT web site designed to help Texas Baptists better connect around one of our great passions — missions. (The current one,, will still be live and will undergo an upgrade sometime in 2008.)

Ashli Young, our web content manager, and her team have worked hard to get phase one of the missions site ready in time for the convention. The WorldconneX staff also has been an important part of this effort. It will be a good beginning, but its potential is much greater.

This web site is a result of the Missions Exchange meeting held earlier this year at the behest of BGCT President Steve Vernon. Brenda Sanders, of our Collegiate Ministry staff, surfaced the idea of an interactive missions web site after a small group session.

It’s exciting to look ahead to the new things we can do together as Texas Baptists. As Charles Wade nears the end of his tenure as executive director, the forward thinking has not stopped. He and Ron Gunter have empowered this specific project by making it a priority.

I was in a conference today where the speaker, Jim Lukaszewski, talked about strategic thinking. Among other things, he said strategic thinkers are always positive, energizing and purposeful.

Lukaszewski also said what is not strategic — debating the past, focusing on the unimportant and being negative.

Strategic thinking is about “where we’re going and not who is right and who is wrong.”

This new missions web site is a product of strategic thinking. It’s about where we are going. It recognizes that we have a job to do — missions — and we need to be about it. Steve Vernon and Charles Wade have pointed us down this road, and we should tip our hats in their direction.

4 Responses to “New missions web site coming”

  1. David Says:

    . . . And, “Amen!” to Mr. Lukaszewski!–What a needed reminder among all Texas Baptists these days!!

  2. Lee Says:

    The website idea is exciting, but I am still saddened by the layoffs at the BGCT, and it is difficult to reconcile celebrating a new website while at the same time realizing that the biggest and deepest budget cuts were made in the missions department.

  3. Ferrell Says:

    Lee, I share your sadness; these cuts affected my friends and two of the people I work with closely. It seems our options are two: 1) simply to maintain the status quo and thus jeopardize our future, or 2) move forward as best we can to help Texas Baptists fulfill their missions calling. Throughout Christian history God’s people have moved on through difficult circumstances to fulfill the Great Commandments and the Great Commission; I think Texas Baptists will do the same. Thanks for writing.

  4. David Says:


    Your reasonable replies are very much appreciated–and needed in this difficult time. Thanks for being one–of few, it seems–seeking to move Texas Baptists forward TOGETHER in evangelistic ministry. May the Lord bless those efforts.

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