COO Gunter resigns


COO Ron Gunter announced his resignation today. Here’s the official release:

DALLAS – Ron Gunter, associate executive director/chief operating officer of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, resigned Oct. 18. It will be effective Nov. 30.

In his letter of resignation to Executive Director Charles Wade, Gunter expressed

his “appreciation for the honor and privilege of serving alongside the Executive Board and staff of the BGCT these five years. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the BGCT and about all the people I have encountered in my five years of service with the Convention.”

Gunter joined the BGCT staff in 2002 as regional associate in the Houston area. He became associate executive director/COO in 2005.

“What we have achieved in these years is really phenomenal, though it has been difficult,” Wade said.

Gunter played an integral role in reorganizing the BGCT staff, placing more staff members across the state. The convention also created a service center, research and development team and a congregational leadership team to assist churches. But there have been critics.

Wade said he and Gunter “had a continuing dialogue about the challenges of the reorganization and leading the changes that were involved. Ron came to feel that this was the best time for him to make this decision.”

“Ron has faithfully worked for the best interests of the BGCT and its ability to serve churches and move to the future. His experience as a pastor and on the mission field plus his work in the Houston area as a regional associate for me gave him a passion to shape our staff to be closer to, more responsive to, and more accountable for our work with local congregations.”

“He has had one of the most difficult jobs in any organization,” Wade said. “He has been the one charged with bringing change. I am grateful to him for his love for our work, his devotion to help implement the mission, vision, values and priorities adopted by our convention, and his absolute reliance on God to sustain and guide him.”

“I’m confident God is going to continue to use Ron in remarkable ways,” Wade said.

Gunter also was instrumental in leading the convention to establish new church starting guidelines that have clarified and brought more accountability to the process.

In his resignation letter, Gunter said: “I have especially enjoyed the opportunity to work with you, Dr. Wade. I consider you to be a true statesman as well as a good friend and mentor. It has been an honor to serve on your Executive Leadership Team. I have appreciated all your personal and professional advice over the years. It is my hope that we will continue to have opportunities to serve together in the future.

“Also, I would like to say a special thank you to David Nabors (chief financial officer) and all the members of the Operational Team for their support and encouragement, and for their diligence and steadfastness as we have strived to move forward to fulfill the mission of the BGCT,” Gunter continued.

Gunter informed the Operational Team Oct. 18. In response to the news, a number of Ops Team members asked him to reconsider and affirmed the important role Gunter has played in leading the staff through difficult reorganization decisions. They also affirmed his commitment to implementing the mission, vision, values and priorities adopted by the convention.

Gunter said: “God has great things in store for the BGCT in the days ahead. Significant, and at times difficult, adjustments have been made which have positioned the Convention for further growth and greater service to the local church. As the transition is made to a new Executive Director, he will now have the opportunity to select his Associate and assemble the team that will best serve the Convention under his leadership.”

After Gunter’s departure, the Operational Team directors will report directly to BGCT Executive Director Charles Wade, who is set to retire at the end of January. Wade expects the new executive to hire the next COO.

Dan McGee will become interim director of the Congregational Leadership Team after Gunter’s departure. Gunter has been providing interim direction.

4 Responses to “COO Gunter resigns”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Ron Guenter has done something for the BGCT that is very honorable. It is wished by many he would have done this a year ago, but at least he has done the right thing.

  2. Guenter Gone- Almost « Spiritual Samurai Says:

    […] […]

  3. David Says:

    . . . But not very many.

    Folks who can’t correctly spell Ron’s last name probably have spent very little time personally interacting with him about any of the recent stressers in BGCT life–and possibly less time celebrating with him the zillions of terrific things we all have witnessed God do in our midst during Ron’s years on the convention staff. That, my friends and fellow-believers, is undeniably disturbing and incredibly sad–and NOT the “Texas Baptists” that I remember us being all of my life.

  4. David Says:

    . . . And maybe in Amarillo believers–rather than continuing to blog their anger or to defame publicly brothers in Christ with whom they have spent little, if any, time personally resolving matters in keeping with their Lord’s commands in Matthew 18–finally will demonstrate their understanding that Texas Baptists truly are better TOGETHER.

    . . . Maybe in Amarillo, microphones will fall quiet as formerly angry Christian brothers spend the time instead seeking forgiveness from ones–not perfect ones, but still spiritual brothers–whom they have libeled continuously.

    . . . Maybe from Amarillo, rededicated Christian ministers will travel home to turn off their computers and increase their church-growth activities so that they will have crowns to place at Jesus’ feet when He comes for us–all of us–before long.

    Yes; maybe in Amarillo no anger will be on display . . .

    Ten days will tell, and the future of a state convention will show it.

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