Sudanese church hit by suicide bomber


Sometimes the strangeness of news hits me square in the face. A suicide bomber strikes in Iraq, it’s news. A suicide bomber strikes in Israel, it’s news.

One strikes in Sudan? I didn’t see it anywhere in mainstream news. Here’s the release from the BWA:

Suicide bomber attacks Baptist church killing six children

Washington, D.C. – A Baptist church in Sudan was attacked by a suicide bomber Sept. 27, killing five children instantly, while another child died later at a hospital.

The church, located in the town of in the Upper Nile region in Southern Sudan, was attacked during an evening worship service.At least four worshippers were injured, including Pastor John Monykuer Wuor. They were taken to the Malakal Hospital where one of the hospitalized children succumbed to his injuries two days later.  At least three of the others remain in critical condition.

According to Saphano Riak Chol, executive secretary of Faith Evangelical Baptist Church in Sudan, “The suicide bomber was in full army uniform,” but, at the time of reporting, his motive could not be ascertained.

Chol, who alerted the Baptist World Alliance of the incident, declared that “We in the leadership condemn this act of wickedness in the strongest terms possible,” and asserted that the incident was an attempt to “Suppress the church.”


Southern Sudan, mostly Christian and ethnically African, as opposed to the mainly Muslim north which is largely Arab, has seen more than two decades of ethnic cleansing that has left an estimated 2 million people dead and more than 4 million displaced.

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