Audio from the Executive Board meeting


Several bloggers have accused Charles Wade of cutting particular staff positions in order to get revenge. They base it on this post from this blog.

But the post indicates Ferrell is paraphrasing Dr. Wade. Dr. Wade also is addressing the board, especially the missions and ministry committee, not BGCT staff members with his comments.

Here is that section of audio in its entirety:

The staff cuts have been and are painful for all staff members. We continue praying for each other and know people around the state are praying for us as well.

But the cuts were not to exact revenge.

5 Responses to “Audio from the Executive Board meeting”

  1. David Says:

    Reading comprehension also is in decline at times among Texas Baptists.

  2. David Lowrie Says:


    Thank you for putting this on the web. It is important that we base our thoughts and decisions on truth rather than assumptions. The job of reporting the meeting on the fly was a difficult task, but I appreciate the effort. I hope this put an end to the perceptions some had on the matter.

    It was good to hear Charles’ heart on this matter.

    David Lowrie

  3. David Says:

    I think it’s interesting that, though there is an office and an email address and a telephone number for Dr. Wade in the Baptist Building–and each reader/blogger at this site can access a motor vehicle and a Internet-capable computer and a phone–during the past two weeks there has been a suspicion of the worst and a rush to judgment by some concerning the convention leaders’ motives in regard to these matters.

    I think it’s interesting that the posting of this audio was necessary before some would believe what they already were being told.

    I think that that’s not a proper way to function in the type of relationship our congregations have with each other via the state convention. I think that, if that kind of behavior and attitude will be our way in the future, it’ll be difficult to convince mature and reasonable fellow-believers that it’s something of which they really need to be a part. I think that, if the above is so, then the demise of the convention which some are prophesying today is much more certain than those folks realize.

    Matthew 18, then move forward together.

  4. David Lowrie Says:

    Dear David,

    Your point is well taken. I appreciate your advocating that we talk to each other and communicate with each other before we make assumptions.

    Thank you for helping us keep our eye on the ball.

    We have challenging days ahead, and it is going to take each of us doing our best. There is too much at sake for anything less.

    David Lowrie

  5. David Says:


    There’s wisdom in tapping the collective IQ, and there’s folly in failing to do so. “Together” has become a recurring theme of the convention in recent years–and we probably haven’t realized how correct that theme truly is, if reaching a state and changing a world really is what we’re after with the Lord.

    Only one kind of group achieves those kinds of results–a high performance team (or choose a synonymous term)–and other groups do not (cf. ACP reports to learn more about the kinds of results we’ve seen during recent years). Our unsaved neighbors in Texas are relying on us to function as that kind of team in our churches and as a convention.

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