Final thoughts from meeting


John Hall and I have tried to blog some of the basic highlights from today’s meeting, and I hope it was been helpful to Texas Baptists. Hundreds of you have checked in.

This blog report, however, was not a complete report. John and I were juggling other responsibilities as we did it. I hope you will check our main BGCT web site and the Baptist Standard for more formalized journalistic reports. There are advantages to blog reports such as this, but the quickness with which they are done also causes shortcomings in reporting.

I hope that all who have read these reports will pray for the work of Texas Baptists together through the BGCT and through our individual churches. We have a great kingdom mission before us, and that should inspire all of us to continued effort.

5 Responses to “Final thoughts from meeting”

  1. Tim Dahl Says:

    I just want to say thank you. I understand that it comes filtered to us through you and bro. Hall, I still appreciate it. It gives me more of a sense of connection with the Executive Board. I believe this will reap dividends for the BGCT in later days.

    Again, Thank You.

    Tim Dahl

  2. Terry Says:

    I want to echo Tim. I appreciate you giving us a look in the the meeting as it was taking place. This was a positive thing in my opinion.

    God Bless,
    Terry Williams

  3. David Lowrie Says:

    Dear Ferrell & John,

    I too appreciate so much your reporting to us what happened with the Executive Board today. I believe this effort has helped in our effort to keep our churches informed and to call for their future support and commitment.

    Thank you,
    David Lowrie

  4. Ferrell Says:

    Thanks, guys. Our Executive Board meetings are open to the public, and that is a treasured part of our Baptist heritage. When Baptists start closing meetings just because they want to have secret discussions, then problems follow.

    Just so you are aware, our Board-approved policies state that their meetings are open and that there are varying degrees of openness for committee and subcommittee meetings.

    It also says that Executive Session, or closed session, is “usually reserved for personnel, legal or contractual issues.”

    These are important things to know for preserve the integrity of our processes, and our Executive Board has put it into policy. Applause to them.

  5. joyangel123 Says:

    I am not a texas Baptist but I know that you are trying your best to fulfill The mission God has laid on your hearts. Much paise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and his soon return.

    With all the the Great spiritual Leaders leaving the physical realm I am sure it is the fulfilment that the rapture is neat.


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