Budget discussion


Ronnie Hood of Longview asked about the proposed increase in the finance and accounting team, specifically the audit line item which is $270,000. It is up from $63,425.

BGCT CFO David Nabors explained the increase is largely to pay for the internal audit function, which was recommended by the investigators into the church-starting situation.

Doug Evans of Laguna Park shared his disappointment with the proposed budget, saying the CEO, COO and CFO offices took little hit while the “hands-on” staff members are taking the cuts. He believes it is a bad decision to cut people who are hands-on with the churches.

“We can’t keep ignoring the churches,” Evans said. “It’s going to bite us. I feel like that’s what’s happening in this budget.”

Nestor Menjivar of Austin voiced concern that while BGCT staff is taking a cut, institutions aren’t taking the same kind of cut.

A board member asked who made the decision to propose cutting jobs. Nabors responded that it was a collective decision of BGCT executive leadership and the finance subcommittee of the executive board.

Morgan Malone of Bonham asked about a line item entitled “BGCT promotional resources,” which is $602,000. Nabors explained that helps promote ministries across the BGCT more efficiently and effectively. Those funds used to be listed under other line items.

Jim Nelson asked about the spending of endowment interest. Nabors indicated the proposed 2008 budget calls for less endowment income than 2007. The 2008 proposed spending is in line with endowment interest income.

Ed Jackson thanked leadership for their effort. He noted congregations have the final say on this budget. “We think we’re going to approve this budget today. We don’t have the vote on this. The churches have the final vote.”

The board is taking a break and will return to resume discussion.

One Response to “Budget discussion”

  1. rick davis Says:

    I have only a little time today and less the rest of the week. To have someone blog on this meeting as it occurs, even someone on staff (and so with a vested interest) is very helpful, whether I like what it written or not.

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