Budget discussion continued


A motion is on  the floor to do across the board cuts, including executive leaderships and Ops Team salary, administration and administration. Some indicated they would like to save the jobs.

Doug Evans said trust needs to be restored. Budget cuts across the board can help restore trust.

Tony Grubin of Uvalde said the board needs to trust the leaders that have worked hard on the proposed budget. Research and study has gone into the proposed budget.

Another board member said across the board cuts are the most “equitable” way of doing cuts.

Steve Vernon said if people see 333 Washington Ave. (BGCT Dallas offices) is viewed as a bureuacracy, across the board cuts will be viewed as an unwillingness to make tough decisions.

Ron Lyles points out some things cannot be cut such as electricity so other items would have to be cut more.

Motion overwhelmingly defeated.

Bruce Webb puts forth a motion to put CLC budget at 2007 level, which would be a reduction of $132,000.

Ken Hugghins understands need for cuts, but cautions board against making cuts in areas without knowing all the circumstances.

Motion ovewhelmingly defeated.

Budget as proposed passes 52-28.

2 Responses to “Budget discussion continued”

  1. Terry Says:

    Maybe we need an explanation of the circumstances so that we can understand them better? My human nature has some thoughts and I’m trying hard to supress them. I’m prayin’.

  2. David Lowrie Says:

    I may be naive but I would have thought the Executive Board would be the place for these explanations to be made, if not, then where?

    I too am praying the Lord will guide us to embrace our future together. Today has been a hard day of dealing with the harsh realities of our current situation, but I am confident this is not the end of the story.

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