Audit Committee report


Harold Richardson reports that the committee received two reports from internal audit firm. The first report had to do with events and their planning and execution. The major finding: No consistency in planning and performance of them. There is both centralized and decentralized planning. Staff basically agreed with the recommendations and agreed to implement them. They agreed to work to bring these about in steps.

Second report was a little more technical and dealt with database administration. Part of the problem was the input not being monitored. Looking at installing a new system. The responses of management not necessarily positive that we would do this right away. Committee instructed staff to implement them as soon as possible.

An internal audit is never popular with an organization’s staff; however, the internal auditors said they had very good cooperation from the BGCT staff.

2 Responses to “Audit Committee report”

  1. Larry Floyd Says:


    Thanks for the update. It really helps us out here in churchland to get a grasp on the situation. I can only say that I am glad there are stricter guidelines, as we can see the need for them. Jon Becker seems to have understood the situation very clearly about another phamtom church. Someone other than a current full-time pastor needs to be a new church planter. Doesn’t that seem obvious? What church in their right mind would allow their pastor to place his/her efforts in another church? Even if it is their church start, it takes time and outreach and a whole lot of effort. For one year plus, did the church not notice that their pastor was out making all kinds of new contacts and making new relationships? Someone was writing the checks to Jon. Please keep us informed about this.


  2. Ferrell Says:

    Good to hear from you, Larry. You ask good questions.

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