Straight Up, Day 5 and Camp Wrap Up


I couldn’t help but feeling on Friday morning that with one more week that I would have a developed a good enough relationship with Miss D to make a difference. I was frustrated with feeling that God had put her in my path and on my heart, but felt like all of our interaction throughout the week was missing something. So then I started doubting that I was making up that connection that I felt I was supposed to make with her. THEN, Friday at lunch before we left, I was opening a door for her and her friends and she gave me a big hug. A huge, tight hug. She didn’t say anything, but let go and smiled at me. I hope and pray that she accepts God’s love for her.

Here’s the story John wrote after visiting last week.

Lost children of Wichita Falls (8/22/07)

They’re Peter Pan’s fabled lost boys – the children the world forgot. Most of them have never met their fathers. Many of them don’t live with a blood relative of any kind. They call the streets home and live in world full of drugs and alcohol. Read more

Your Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions largely supported this camp. You have made a difference in the lives of these kids (and the people like me that got to be with them.)

Straight Up Slide Show

3 Responses to “Straight Up, Day 5 and Camp Wrap Up”

  1. Eric Guel Says:

    Nice photos, Ashli.

  2. ashli Says:

    thx! 😉

  3. John Says:

    Hi there,

    I was crusing the internet and came across your pictures of the Straight Up Camp on flickr. I’m a photographer (in my spare time) myself and just thought I’d let you know they looked great.

    I’m so glad to see churches getting good photography of their events etc. I think so many good causes get dismissed out of hand because the photography is second rate.

    Thanks again,


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