Got my back.


I have the greatest job there is. I cannot imagine doing anything different as I am blessed beyond measure to be able to travel and meet people and attempt to tell stories with photos and video.

This trip to Czech Republic and Austria is a rare opportunity to travel with my beautiful wife. Beth and I marked our 30th anniversary in January and were blessed to save enough money so she could accompany me and we are celebrating on this trip. This is my 3rd international trip with the Singing Men of Texas and her first. Here are some of her thoughts she shared with me today:

“I am an outsider on this trip but I have been accepted and welcomed to tag along.

Coming from a different perspective (not a music minister’s wife), I have observed the fellowship of these men and their wives. It is a special time when they are together.

The wives are encouragers, greeters, prayer warriors, camera holders, picture takers, and anything else they are asked to do.

The wives pray together before the concerts, they rejoice at the news of the professions of faith in the concerts, and they pray with women after the concerts. You can see they feel the heartache, pain, joy, and discouragement as they look into the eyes of women they pray with.

Every smile, and every handshake is given willingly by these women – they are allowing the Lord to use them as vessels for His glory.

There are many other wives at home and I know they are praying and are encouragers too.”

My Beth fits right in with these women because she is one of them.

I could not do what I do without her.

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