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April 30 LifeCall prayer list

April 30, 2007

Please pray for the following LifeCall Missions volunteers on their birthday today:

Todd Alston
Church and Community Ministry, Lufkin

Trish Conner Jr.
Coordinator of Volunteers, Mineral Wells

Dottie Ervin
Senior Adult Ministry, Wimberley

Hazel Grieger
Church Strengthener, Irving

Long way home

April 29, 2007

Everyone should be home now, including the Gadmans. Our return began very early Friday morning with a 3:00 A.M. departure from Salzburg for a 7:00 A.M. flight from Munich to Frankfurt then a 10+ hour flight from Frankfurt to Dallas.

I would like to once again thank Don Blackley of the Singing Men of Texas, Tim Studstill of BGCT Music & Worship, and Steve Seaberry of BGCT Texas Partnerships for the invitation and making it possible for me to accompany to group on this tour.

Beth and I would like to thank the entire Singing Men of Texas entourage for the pleasure of your company.

Here is one last video highlight from the tour.

April 29 LifeCall prayer list

April 29, 2007

Please pray for the following LifeCall Missions volunteers on their birthday today:

Gary Axton
Associational Director Disaster Relief Unit, Lubbock

Joe Blaha
River Ministry Consultant, Palestine

Janie Flores
Admin. Assistant/Missions Outreach Dir, Edinburg

Barbara Uland
Vials of Life Distributor/Church Strengthener, Dickinson

April 28 LifeCall prayer list

April 28, 2007

Please pray for the following LifeCall Missions volunteers on their birthday today:

Richard Covington
Assistant to Pastor, Victoria

Audrey Smith
Family Ministry Coordinator/Director, TX

April 27 LifeCall prayer list

April 27, 2007

someoPlease pray for the following LifeCall Missions volunteer on her birthday today:

Marilyn Milburn
Associational Senior Adult Ministry, Kerrville

A view from Piedras Negras, Mexico

April 26, 2007

6.jpgI spent much of today with Texas Baptist men and women who are ministering in the wake of two tornadoes that struck Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Mexico.

The second storm devastated an 8-square block section of Piedras Negras. In the last few years, I’ve seen the aftermath of floods, tsunamis and hurricanes. I haven’t seen devastation like I saw in this part of Piedras Negras since I was walking along the shore of Sri Lanka where a tsunami left a village in rubble as far as the eye could see.

One BGCT employee ministering in Piedras Negras said the area looked “like a bomb exploded.” Another described it as looking like a “war zone.” Those descriptions are accurate. Trees are cut in two by sheet-metal. Cars have been flipped upside down and carried blocks over. Most of the houses have been destroyed. Days after the tornado hit, limbs still are strewn everywhere.

The residents of Piedras Negras continue talking about where they were when the tornado touched down. They’re processing what has happened by sharing their stories. Many people still seem to be shock, spending significant portions of their day trying to make sense of what happened.

In the midst of all the tragedy, Texas Baptists are ministering to the hurting. Texas Baptist Menvolunteers are providing thousands of free meals and cutting tree limbs. BGCT staff members are coordinating relief efforts and are bringing in trained counselors. Buckner is bringing in a load of clothing and food. A group of Baptist University of the Americas students spent Thursday counseling victims, praying with them and serving them food.

The recovery process will be a long one. I have no doubt that Texas Baptists will be part of that process in whatever ways they can. Please pray for Piedras Negras and Eagle Pass. Pray for those who are ministering there and those who God already is calling to serve in the area.

For photos from Piedras Negras, you can click here or on the link on the right sidebar of this blog.

April 26 LifeCall prayer list

April 26, 2007

Please pray for the following LifeCall Missions volunteers on their birthday today:

Ludy Gonzalez
Missions Education/Preschool- Children’s Min., Penitas

Andrea Jones
Church Planter, Freeport

Ed Miles
Association Senior Adult Coordinator, Houston

Notes from the back of bus 2

April 25, 2007

Wednesday we are to travel from Graz to Salzburg for the last concert.

Our travel since we arrived in Prague has been by two coaches. Once attached to a coach the groups have become families. My previous experience with the Singing Men of Texas led me to the back of the bus and I brought Beth with me with some reservation on her part. The family that has formed around us at the back of bus 2 has a reputation for frivolity. Beth observes: “I think they thought I would cramp their humor – well it hasn’t stopped them from cracking jokes and telling funny stories. We have all laughed hard. I know the churches where they serve are blessed to have them. They are talented, caring, and passionate about sharing the Lord through their music. Be sure to thank them for all they do when you see them.”

One technical note, this post is being written on the bus as we travel. Thanks for the aircard!

Wisdom from bus 2:

What English words end in -dous?

Tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous. Also, the rare zoological word annelidous.

New photos are up this morning from the concert last night in Graz.

April 25 LifeCall prayer list

April 25, 2007

Please pray for the following LifeCall Missions volunteer on her birthday today:

Natalie Lockhart
Director of Prophets Dwelling Place, Fort Worth

West Texas hit by tornadoes

April 24, 2007

Tornadoes earlier this week have forced more than 450 people out of their homes. Some families’ homes are in ruins and some areas still do not have electricity. A water tower also was wiped out.

Texas Baptist Men volunteers from around the state are in the region ministering to people. They are feeding victims of the tornadoes and helping clear debris. Please pray for the victims of the storm and those who are ministering to them.

More from the story on the BGCT web site:

One of the first responders on the scene was Gerald Cook, who directs the Disaster Relief unit at Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo. Riding with police and fire officials, Cook helped assess the damage in both communities.

“Cactus was extremely devastated,” Cook said. “Some homes had walls down and roofs blown off and 63 homes were totally wiped out. People were trying to salvage what they could…though their homes were totally destroyed.”