Discovering SH 207


I had the privilege this weekend to attend the first ever Inpire! event in Plainview. Inspire! is a creative experience for Texas Baptists. It is designed to inform, equip, and send Texas Baptists inspired to new involvement in missions, evangelism, and ministry. Over one hundred Texas Baptists from the panhandle region participated in worship experiences and training sessions to expand their vision and sharpen their skills in ministry.

A bonus for me was the drive from Dallas to Plainview and back. Driving Texas this time of year is a special treat for me and traveling alone allows me to listen to whatever music I like (or none at all).  I really enjoy traveling with others but sometimes traveling alone is theraputic.

 A quick glance at a map revealed an undiscovered treasure for me. SH 207 runs 199 miles from Post to the Texas/Oklahoma border southeast of Guymon, OK.  There is nothing wrong with US 84 to Lubbock and then IH 27 north to Plainview however I have made that drive several times and decided to try something new.

I was not disapointed in the choice. SH 207 is a real Texas treasure. Gently rising from approximately 2,600 feet in Post to nearly 3,200 feet in Floydada, SH 207 runs alongside and sometimes up and over the Caprock Escarpment, the eastern edge of the Llano Estacado. Along the way uninviting semi-desert grudingly gives way to fertile farmland. Recent springs rains have turned the landscape unusually green and someday soon I will learn the name of the purple plant that was brilliant in the sun Saturday evening following thunderstorms Friday night.

I hope to return to SH 207 soon and explore north of Floydada where the highway goes through Palo Duro Canyon and on to the Oklahoma border.

 I also hope Inspire! the event that brought SH 207 to me will represent the rebirth of the evangelistic zeal that has identified Texas Baptists.

2 Responses to “Discovering SH 207”

  1. Joyce Williams Says:

    I enjoyed reading the info about Texas Men in Czech Rep and Austria, but I was surprised to see this dated 2007. Is there something current that I missed.

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