Executive Board Passes Statement on Annual Meeting Ruling


This morning the Executive Board passed a “statement of understanding” regarding its role. The board expressed its “regret” over a ruling at the 2006 BGCT Annual Meeting struck at the heart of Texas Baptists life. That ruling included a statement that the Executive Board “preempted” the role of the messengers to the annual meeting.

The Executive Board affirmed its role as a “servant board.” It exercises authority delegated to it by annual meeting messengers or given to it by the convention’s governing documents.

The Executive Board understands and confirms that it has always considered itself to be a “servant board.” It understands that it exists to serve Texas Baptists, the churches, and the messengers to the Convention’s Annual Meeting.

This Board understands that it has no power or authority except to the extent messengers have delegated it authority under the Convention’s Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, and Bylaws, and as the messengers may further direct it to act.

This Board recognizes that certain duties delegated to it by the Convention and under its governing documents are so-delegated because they can be handled by the Board acting as a smaller body with more available time to consider and to act and, in some cases, with a greater degree of confidentiality, if appropriate.

This Board understands its role to be that of a steward. The Executive Board regrets the parliamentary ruling at the 2006 Annual Meeting. This Board does not intend in any way for its actions prior to an Annual Meeting to “preempt” the role of messengers. Rather, this Board seeks to perform its duties faithfully between annual meetings.

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