BGCT Implementing Changes to Prevent Future Misuse of Funds


BGCT Executive Director Charles Wade and the BGCT staff are implementing investigator-recommended, Executive Board-requested changes, according to a board-appointed oversight group. The actions are designed to prevent further misuse of BGCT church-starting funds.

The recommendations were new church-starting guidelines, more accessible church mortality rates, more integrated and coordinated record keeping, better internal controls and an accounting-designed control system. Each has been or is being implemented.

Wade has given a convention-commissioned investigation report and all related evidence to legal authorities. The convention’s attorney, Steve Wakefield, is in regular contact with the authorities, but does not know exactly where the case stands.

Wade said the convention will wait to pursue civil action until the authorities either pursue the case or let the convention know they will not follow up with an investigation. But staff members are collecting materials in case they are needed for civil action.

“The group looked at and felt like and thinks today and is confident of the fact that Dr. Wade and the staff have worked very, very hard with great attention and great commitment to the problems that existed and were discussed on Nov. 13,” Jim Nelson, chairman of the oversight group, said to the Executive Board. “They have done work in these weeks that is remarkably admirable and broad and deep to correct the problems and try to ensure what happened before won’t happen again.”

The day included extended discussion between the BGCT Executive Board and convention staff leaders. Executive Board members asked many questions.

I’ll be posting more detailed information on the BGCT web site as quickly as possible.

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