Prayer request


This weekend, one of the convention’s congregational strategists — Bill Claiborne — and his wife were in a significant car accident. Both Claibornes suffered significant injuries.

Please join us in praying for the couple.

6 Responses to “Prayer request”

  1. Sarah McCarty Says:

    My parents Bill Claibornes when they lived in Marshall TX where he served Youth Minister. We are praying are praying for them.

  2. Sarah McCarty Says:

    Sorry correction….My family knew Bill Claiborne when he served as Youth Minister in Marshall TX. Our prayer are with them.

  3. David Troublefield Says:


    Any updates this evening?

  4. John Says:

    I just spoke with some folks who are in contact with Bill and his wife. Bill and his wife remain in the hospital. They have what I would call significant injuries. In time, I understand they should recover, but there is a tough road ahead. Please continue praying for this couple and the folks that are caring for them.

  5. Joi Wiley Says:

    His wife’s name is Shasta. They are both fighters but they will need our love and prayers during this long recovery.

  6. pastor Thieringo Says:


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